About us

Rentals. Maintenance. Service. Since 1991

Our history

Coming from Barcelona to Menorca in the 1980s to live on the island for a season, Fernando, the owner, fell in love with Menorca completely.

After a few years thinking it, he opened in 1991 Tramontana, its first cycling shop. He had been living in Menorca for a few years and the strong north wind that blows on the island -called tramontana– impressed him to the point of naming his first cycling business.

With this step, he returned to his old job and turned its hobby into his occupation.

At that time there was hardly any supply related to cycling, but there was a growing demand for bicycles. Step by tep, Fernando enter the sale and repair market. In the last few years and thanks to the tourism boom he wanted to pass his knowledge of the island on two wheels to the general public. He began to rent the few bicycles he had, and now, after a lot of perseverance and hard work, he has a fleet of more than 300 bicycles to rent.

Years passed, as did the names, locations and company size. But the vocation to make cycling known in Menorca still beats like the first day.

Currently, Bike Menorca has a complete 400m2 shop in Mahón, in Av Francesc Femenias 44 y 42, and an expert team willing to give the best of themselves so that you can enjoy thye ciclyng experience in Menorca.

Our team

We are a cycling company that has created its own operation style characterized by the familiarity with the client and the respect for nature. Our manager and main guide, Fernando, was a pioneer in introducing cycling at a high level in Menorca.

Our goal

Our mission is to ensure that our local, national and foreign clients enjoy the natural attractions that Menorca has to offer, get to know its culture and fall in love with the island we love so much. In addition, we want to do our part towards a more sustainable future in which the bicycle is the main means of transport in Menorca.


Ours experts

Meet the team of cycling experts of Bike Menorca

Fernando Casanova Rosa

Owner and manager

Alejandro Casanova Rosa


Freddy Gomila Tur

Maintenance manager

LLorenç Janer Reyes

Maintenance manager’s assistant

Satisfied customers

Excellent service, top quality bikes, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is the best bike hire I have ever had. I would highly recommend hiring from Bike Menorca, they are really interested in you having a great time and they go the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible experience. Three friends and I did the Cami De Cavalls route. The staff spoke great English and told us all the great places to visit (and the harder parts of the trail to avoid)

Searching all bike shops in the island for rental bikes, this one was the one that had the highest end mountain bikes, from the Specialized line. Delivered on time, bike looked perfectly maintained, new model, carbon frame, dropper post, single chainring, etc – all the new stuff. Bikes where all setup tubeless with good tires, which is great on this rocky island if you ride hard.