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Bike rental terms

Contract acceptance

The renter accepts and receives the bicycle outlined in this contract in good working order and in perfect mechanical conditions and commits itself to return it in the same conditions


At the time of material delivery, the customer will be required to show an identity card (DNI, passport or National Identity Card in case of european citizens). A security deposit will be required using a credit/debit card that will vary depending on the bicycled rented. The deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period and after all rented equipment return.

Bicycle usage

User is expected to care of the bicycle as if it were their own and to use it normally and not for criminal or competitive purposes, in compliance with the provisions of the current Highway Code


User will be liable to the authorities for traffic violations and any fines that may be imposed will be accepted by the user.

Non-transferable personal use

The only authorized person to drive the rented vehicle must be the same user, unless other agreement with the renter previously stated in this contract

Usage responsability

The user is responsible for self and third parties damages resulting from the use of the bicycle

Breakdowns and damages

The user is responsible for any damage caused by the bicycle usage. In the event of any of the above situations happened during the rental period, the customer shall immediately assume all replacement costs incurred at market prices

Loss or misplacement

The user is responsible for loss or misplacement due to theft or negligence

Company responsibilities

By signing this contract the owner company is responsible for any possible damage to the bicycle as a result of wear and tear, but not for those due to user’s recklessness or damage caused to third parties.

In the event of a breackdown no attributable to the user, the lessor undertakes to repair the bicycle as quickly as possible or replace it

Early contract termination

If the customer decides to terminate the contract in advance, the amount corresponding to the not enjoyed days (including taxes) will be fully retained as compensation

Legal powers

In case of any doubt, question or divergence that the application of the present contract may raise, the contracting parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals of the city of Maó

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